Directed / Edited By Harvey Walton // //

Original music by Jean-Pierre Waksman // //

Photo credit : Harvey Walton

Photo credit : Harvey Walton

My name is Myriam Tillson, I am an illustrator and fine artist based in the UK.

I work primarily with watercolour, gouache, and inks, which I use to create dark and surreal illustrations.

My work is my way to explore the unspoken complexities of human relationships, both with ourselves, others, and the world around us. I like to think of my paintings and drawings as the expression of my deep love for this life, but also its inextricable bond with fear, doubt, and the mind numbing confusion that also come with what it is to be alive. My pieces delve into the layers that make-up the human mind and psyche, by exploring my own inner world in as genuine a way as I can, and sharing it with others in the hope that we can find common ground on which to better understand and support each other.

In my rare spare time, I also like to cook, read an inordinate amount of fantasy novels, play the one video game Iā€™m vaguely good at, and take excessively long walks in nature, interspersed with periods of simply lying in the grass and watching the clouds go by.



  • 2019 Well Space Arts - States of Existence - Group show - London, UK

  • 2019 Out of Steps Books&Gallery - Coaster Show - Group show - Eugene, OR, US

  • 2019 FUBAR Collective - The Crypt Exhibition - Group show - London, UK

  • 2019 Fringe Arts Bath Festival - Fantastic and Strange - Group show - Bath, UK

  • 2019 Art Number 23 Gallery- Love Stories - Group show - London, UK


  • 2019 Average Art and Wotisart Magazines - February publication