• Where is my store based?

In London, United Kingdom.

  • Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

    Yes! I accept orders from anywhere I can ship to from the UK.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    I work on my own, and I print, sign, package and ship all my orders myself. I process my orders for the week every week-end and send them either on the Saturday I process them, or the Monday after, so count at least a week before I ship your items. 
    During sales or big events, I might get a lot of orders through, in which case, it might take me more like 2 weeks to process everything and have every order shipped. I will always post constant updates on my social media (Instagram and Youtube, and, during sales, my Newsletter) to let everyone know what stage I am at. 
    [If you require your order more urgently, get in touch and we can work something out]. 
    Once shipped, orders should take this amount of time to get to you : 
    Within the UK : 3 to 5 business days 
    Europe : 5 to 10 business days 
    International : 5 to 15 business days 
    (Please note this is an approximation, and shipping speed can vary depending on local post office/ customs as well.)

  • How do I pay for my order?
    Does your shop accept credit/debit/Paypal?
    Is it secure?

    The Squarespace checkout process is powered by both Stripe and PayPal, two of the most trusted online payment solutions on the web. Because of this, Squarespace has all the same securities and payment fraud protection as these leading payment processors. I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Diners Club. If paying with PayPal, you may also make payments using your bank account, but this may delay your order.

  • What is this store's return and exchange policy?

    If you changed your mind, I can accept items back within 30 days. Please contact me so we can discuss returns. 
    I will refund all of the cost, excluding shipping, after I receive the item(s) back in its original condition. The customer is responsible for the shipping charges to return the product(s) back to me, unless the fault was on my side, in which case I will take care of it all. 
    I don't do exchanges, so please be sure of the print you order before finalising.

  • Why haven't I received my items yet?

    You will be notified when your order is shipped, but if you find it is taking an unusual amount of time to get to you, let me know and we can try and find out together. Please do not get in touch before at least 1 MONTH though, as the occasional order can take a little longer, and it can sometimes take me around 1 to 2 weeks to ship an order, depending on my schedule. 
    Please bear in mind that I work on my own, and that I ship all my orders for the week on the Saturday, or on the following Monday. 
    Depending on circumstances, I may refund or replace the missing piece. Please be warned that sometimes (see Loss section), there is nothing to be done, therefore I do recommend upgrading shipping to tracked and signed if you can, for extra peace of mind.

    Please do be warned that if you provided me with an incorrect address, spelt it wrong or moved without notifying me and your package gets returned to sender, I will have to charge you again for shipping it to the correct location.

  • Damage/ What is something is wrong with my order:

    I always, ALWAYS check my items personally before sending them out, and I send 8"x 10" or smaller prints in sturdy no bend cardboard envelopes, usually with a stiff backing added in, and 11"x 14"+ orders in A3 envelopes, to limit the possibility of damage to a strict minimum. 
    That said, if we were really unlucky and things got damaged during shipping, I would replace or refund the item. 
    I cannot do anything for an item that was damaged post shipping. 
    PLEASE keep any damaged packaging, as it may be used as evidence for insurance and claims purposes. 
    If possible, take pictures of any damage and forward it to me when you get in touch.

  • Tracking/Loss of order :

    All my originals, limited editions, and booklets, are sent with tracking. My prints are not, to keep the costs (and therefore price) down. If you wish your order to be tracked, there should be such an option at checkout when you input you country and shipping preferences.

    PLEASE NOTE : For some reason, my postal service doesn't offer a tracked option for some specific countries/locations, such as Dubai and Mexico. They do offer a "Signed" service, which is the next best thing, and available at the same price as tracking, so that is what I offer as a "tracked" option for those places.

    In the very unfortunate event that an order might get lost in transit, please understand that I have no control over the post office, and that once the order is out for delivery, it is out of my hands. 
    Leave about a month before letting me know that your order hasn't arrived, as some sometimes take longer than expected. If after a month, your order still hasn't reached you, I will refund you in full, or replace your order, depending on what you'd prefer. 
    Please bear in mind that I am loosing more out of this than anyone, so please don't have a go at me for something I have no control over, and understand that I am always doing my best to keep you happy!:)

  • If your order comes back to me unclaimed :

    If your order happens to be sent back to me, because it was either never claimed at the post office on arrival, or the address I was given was wrong, I am afraid you will need to pay shipping again for me to send it back to you. 
    I copy-paste the address on your package from the address you write at check out, to minimise the risk of errors, so always double check that your address is correct.
    I will also have to include an extra $2 charge, as orders get sent to my PO Box, for which I am charged every time I receive an item.

    In the event that you would not want the item sent back, I do not offer a full refund in those circumstances. I may refund part of the purchase if a fair reason is given, but minus shipping, and a fee.


  • Where are you based?

  • Where are you from?

  • Can I get your work tattooed?

  • Do you take tattoo design commissions?

  • Do you take commissions?

  • Do you do trades/collabs?

  • Did you go to art school?

  • Where do you find your inspiration?

  • Do you teach/make tutorials?

  • Are you working as an artist full-time?